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Zopec OxygenPro 4XL Battery

Backup power for Stationary Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP Machines, BiPAP Machines, Ventilators and More!

This battery will provides 4 hours of backup power for continuous Oxygen Concentrators set at 5 LPM. No more depending solely on oxygen tanks for backup.


Optional Solar Charger is Highly Recommended

  • Zopec Photons 200 Pro is designed for Zopec OxygenPro 4XL and it can fully charge your Zopec OxygenPro 4XL Battery in 10 Hours! > Zopec PHOTONS 200 Pro



  • No Adapters or Inverters Needed.
  • Great backup for Power Wheelchairs, Stair Lifts, Scooters & all mobility equipment.
  • Ultra-Fast Solar Charging capabilities (see above)
  • Designed in the USA.
  • 100% output pure sine wave.
  • Highest Quality & Reliability.



  • Nasal high flow Airvo2
  • Isolette.
  • Aerogen.
  • All oxygen concentrators.
  • Ventilators.
  • CPAP/BiPap/ASV.
  • High Flow Nasal Oxygen machines.


Other Features & Uses

BabyLeo TN500 Transport

  • Provides ~2 hours of transport time.
  • Keep battery plugged in for next transport.
  • Needs 2 mounting adapters to mount on the BabyLeo transporter.


Ground Ambulance Transport

  • Provides 6 hours of run time for Nasal High Flow Airvo2 at 60 L/min and 37C.
  • Works well with MR850 and H900 heaters.
  • 100% output pure sine wave.
  • Common use is for ground ambulance rigged with simulated sine wave that run heaters.
  • It avoids the heater from blowing the fuse.
  • Also avoids having to install a generator or change all rig inverters, which costs more money and ambulance downtime.



  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Size: L13″ x W9″ x H10″



  • Zopec Solar Charger does NOT come with a battery.



  • Battery.
  • Wall Charger.
  • Car Charger.
  • User Manual.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


Manufactured by Zopec Medical

REF: 22300KC


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