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3B Medical Lumin UV Sanitizer

Sanitize your CPAP Accessories and more with the power of UV light. Don’t let your CPAP mask become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Lumin is the fastest and easiest way to sanitize your mask and humidifier.



  • Only the Lumin Bullet Hose Sanitizer is available at this time



  • One – Touch 5 – Minute Sanitizing
  • No Harmful Ozone


Laboratory tested to kill over 99% of dangerous bacteria and fungus which can cause infections.

  • Cost Effective

The most cost-effective way to sanitize your CPAP.

  • Quick Sanitizer

It can also sanitizes any item that fits in the drawer.

  • Lumin UV CPAP Sanitizer Warranty

2 Years

  • Lumin Bullet UV Hose Sanitizer Warranty

1 Year


Manufactured by 3B Medical

REF: LM3000

REF: LM4000


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